A plan for the 129k young people facing homelessness

What are we calling for?

Currently, there is no national plan for ending youth homelessness. So as a coalition of over 110 youth organisations, we are calling on political parties to adopt our strategy

No matter who we are or where we are from, most of us want young people in our communities to grow up safe, housed and knowing there are people looking out for them.

But the services that act as a safety net for young people pushed into danger, harm and homelessness are overwhelmed, underfunded and often overlooked when it comes to resources, policy and decision making.

Each of the 129,000 young people who contacted their council last year asking for help is full of potential and deserves a fair shot at reaching their dreams and goals. Frontline services report that only half of those they work with have contacted their council before so we know the true scale could be doubleRight now, hundreds of thousands of young people are terrified about having a roof over their head, enough to heat and being able to stay warm and safe as winter approaches – navigating between unsafe hostels, friend’s sofas and the streets.

To find out more on the campaign visit our partner’s New Horizon Youth Centre website by clicking here.